Release date: 03 March 2021

      Last Update: v0.9 (15 March 2021) 

             Type: Disk Loader

    Configuration: Apple IIe + Mockingboard / Apple IIc + Mockingboard 4C


  • Code ......... GROUiK

  • Graphics ..... Donut's data grabbed from Andy Sloane's works

  • Music ........ BFOX


  • - WARNING: the Donut data is pre-calculated and streamed from the disk. This is the purpose of this release: to show the capabilities of the Loader.
  •   So THIS IS NOT a demo nor an intro and never claimed to be one!
  • - The Loader uses a custom disk format: 32 sectors (128 bytes) per track: so the WOZ format (version 1) was used for this release.
  • - Therefore, we have developed two tools to manipulate WOZ files: GenWoz and WriteToWoz. These two programs are based on DSK2WOZ by Thomas Harte.
  • - The Mockingboard player is a standard version of our previously used PYM player. Again, that's what this release is all about!
  • - Additional notes.